Years of Experiences

LLC Gumaks

LLC Gumaks’s objective is to become a recognised leader in the various commodity industry, i.e., Crude and Refined cooking oils, Frozen Chicken, Sugar, Wheat, Soybean, Yellow corn, Beans, Fertiliser. We strives to be a model corporate citizen, provide value for our shareholders and ensure employees’ health and safety, as well as environmental safety for the nature. We intend to fully unlock our growth potential using our shareholders’ advantages in technology, management, expertise and innovation by constantly increasing the performance of company management and its operations, promoting leadership qualities, developing employee qualifications.
As a modern diversified company, LLC Gumaks responsibly fulfils its obligations to the state, shareholders, business partners and consumers, conducts systematic modernisation of production capacities, rationally uses natural resources, consistently addresses environmental safety issues and is deeply involved in social and economic development of the areas of its operations.
Sound resource base, continuous scientific search, latest equipment, breakthrough technologies, in-house hi-tech service units, highly automated technological processes, accumulated tremendous experience and labor traditions as well as the most efficient use of its workforce productive capacity make it possible for the Company to define the prospects for its development.